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3 Most Forgotten Home Maintenance Tips

Changing Air Filter

Even the most conscientious homeowners can forget important home maintenance tips. These forgotten chores can make a huge difference for your Savannah, Georgia, home. Here are three things you may be forgetting that you should start doing around the house as soon as possible.

Drain the Water Tank

Most homes use a tank-style water heater to provide their home with hot water. These tanks can hold multiple gallons of water and are one of the most common household fixtures. Many homeowners don’t realize that they should be draining their tank annually. This gets out any stagnant water that may have been sitting there for a while and gives the tank a chance to completely cycle through. You can use a hose attachment to drain it. This can also help reduce the chance of mineral buildup inside the tank, which can lead to plumbing problems down the road.

Replace the Filter

Your HVAC system uses a filter to remove debris like pet fur, allergens, and dust from the air before cycling it back into your home. If that filter is clogged or full, this may make your system work harder to pull air in, therefore reducing your home’s overall efficiency level. Your filter should ideally be changed every other month, more frequently if you have allergies.

Trim Tree Branches

Overhanging tree branches are a common way to improve home efficiency through landscaping, but if those branches actually touch your roof, you may end up with some issues. Bugs and rodents will use this as an easy to way to access your home. In addition, hanging branches can scrape against roof tiles and shingles, causing permanent damage. Trimming these branches back so that they don’t touch your roof can help prevent these issues.

If you’re ready to include HVAC maintenance as part of your regular home maintenance protocol, give the experts at McDevitt a call at 877-692-9402 today to set up an appointment.

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