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Debunking 2 Myths of Ductless Air Conditioner Systems

Myths of Ductless Air Conditioner

Savannah, Georgia summers can be brutally hot and a ductless air conditioner system may be just the thing to keep your home temperature comfortable. Here are two of the most common myths about these systems and the truth behind them.

Only Good For New Construction

One of the most pervasive myths about ductless air conditioners is that they’re only useful for new construction or renovations, where they can be fitted to the home without any extra effort or demolition necessary. While there is an installation process, like any climate control system, the process for ductless air conditioner systems is actually one of the easiest.

Ductless air conditioner systems are actually a popular choice for older homes that may not have an extensive central air system. Since it’s ductless, there isn’t any extra equipment or accessories that need installed beside the indoor and outdoor components. This makes them especially popular in Savannah, thanks to the extensive amount of historic homes in the area that need a little extra help keeping cool in the summer.

Whole-House Solutions

Some places advertise that ductless air conditioner systems are not a good choice as a whole-house solution. You can certainly run a whole house off of a number of ductless air conditioner systems. Ductless systems are a great choice for zoned systems.

They are also great for for keeping an older home comfortable or improving circulation where a central system isn’t quite keeping up. Their filtration systems are extremely effective keeping pollen and other undesirable debris out of your home completely.

If you’re interested to see if a ductless air conditioner system will work for your home, give McDevitt Air Conditioning a call at 877-692-9402to set up a consultation today!

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