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Geothermal Products & Services in Savannah, GA

You could be cutting your utility bills and saving your hard-earned money every month with an ultra-efficient geothermal heating and air conditioning system. These amazing systems take advantage of stable ground temperatures a few feet below the surface. Also called GeoExchange or ground-source heat pumps, these setups are gaining in popularity as people begin to understand the economic and environmental benefits. McDevitt Air is on the leading edge of installing and maintaining alternative energy products in the Savannah, GA, area. This could be the right time for you to jump into the realm of ground-source energy and put your land to work for you.

Products and Services

Carrier is leading the way in developing efficient all-in-one systems that deliver comfort no matter what the weather is. As a factory authorized Carrier dealer, our technicians receive factory training and have access to the latest innovative products. We provide our customers with:

  • Quality ground-source heat pumps from Carrier.
  • Preventive maintenance and warranty work.
  • Recommendations for the best ground-source setup.
  • Controllers and thermostats.
  • Hybrid sourced systems.
  • Assistance with available rebate programs.


There are a few different options for installation of ground-source heat pumps. Our team will evaluate your property and your building to create a custom installation and setup plan that will meet all of your needs. Your new system and the installation work are backed by product warranties as well as our quality guarantee.

How Geothermal Products Work

Traditional heat pumps work on the premise of exchanging heat in the outside air to warm or cool the air inside the home. Unfortunately, the variability of temperatures in the air forces the equipment at times to work harder to regulate the temperature inside. The process becomes much more energy efficient when the stable temperature of the ground is harnessed instead, especially during hot summers and freezing winters. The equipment doesn’t have to work as hard to generate the desired temperature. The U.S. Department of Energy says ground-source heat pumps can achieve up to 600 percent efficiency on the coldest nights. By comparison, DOE says, an air-source heat pump can achieve a maximum of 250 percent efficiency on cool days. Initial installation is costlier than traditional systems, but the equipment lasts longer and brings lower utility bills. Expect to recoup the extra costs within five to 10 years.

The McDevitt Air Choice

Let us help you join the alternative energy revolution. Our certified, professional technicians are fully qualified to install, repair, and maintain your new ground-sourced heat pump system. As with all of our heating and air conditioning systems, we stand behind our work with a quality guarantee. Ask us about government tax, utility company or manufacturer rebates that may be available to help offset the cost of your new system. We’re ready to help you make your geothermal project a reality.