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4 Ways a Ductless HVAC System Can Help You Save

ductless to save

Are you always looking for new ways to save money? Do you check your budget frequently to see where your money is going and where you can pull back on spending? If you are, then you need to check out the ductless HVAC system. Many homeowners in Savannah, Georgia, have already seen the cost-saving benefits of ductless HVAC systems, and now it’s your turn. Thanks to its innovative technology and natural efficiency, ductless HVAC systems will help you save on utilities, repairs, and much more.

High Energy Efficiency

The primary way that ductless HVAC systems can help you save is through its energy efficiency. It all starts with the design. Central heating and cooling systems rely on duct networks to distribute air throughout a living space, and while these ducts usually do their job well, they aren’t infallible. Ducts often lose air somewhere between the system and the rooms in your home, which can force the system to try and compensate by pumping more air through the ducts. That process wastes energy and jacks up your utility costs.

As the name suggests, ductless systems don’t need to rely on ducts to get air through the home. Instead, ductless units sit on the walls of your rooms and push air directly into the living space. Since ductless systems don’t lose as much energy as central heating and cooling systems, utility bills drop.

Ductless systems also improve efficiency thanks to their personalization. Since indoor air handlers can be placed in rooms, different areas of the home can be kept at different temperatures. This prevents air being wasted in rooms that are rarely used and limits the high amounts of power that are used as the HVAC unit continually adjusts the temperature to try and satisfy everyone in the home that keeps fiddling with the thermostat.

Easy Installation

For homeowners that don’t already have ducts in their home, installing a central heating and air system can be a costly and invasive process. To install ducts, technicians will need access into the walls, ceilings, and floors of the home. Fortunately, ductless systems require only a thin line of refrigerant piping that connects the indoor air handling unit with the outdoor condenser unit. Each unit also takes up significantly less space than a traditional central system, which may require you to pay to create a space just for the indoor air handler.

Higher Home Value

Ductless systems will not only help you save, but they may also help you make some more money. When the day comes that you leave behind your current home, you could use the ductless system as a selling point that increases the value of your home. What new homeowner wouldn’t want lower utility costs, higher energy efficiency, and cheaper repair costs?

Two-in-One Temperature Control

Many traditional central HVAC systems consist of both a furnace and an air conditioner. That’s two systems that homeowners need to pay to operate, maintain, and replace. A ductless system, on the other hand, works as a heat pump. Heat pumps transfer heat between the air and its refrigerant, very similar to how your refrigerator moves heat to keep your food cool, only your home is the refrigerator. Unlike your fridge, a heat pump has a switch that can change the refrigerant flow, so it can absorb heat as well as release it.

A ductless system is one such heat pump. It can both heat and cool a room without relying on another unit. That leaves you with only one efficient unit to care for and pay for.

A ductless HVAC system can open the door for greater savings than you thought possible. Experience the benefits of ductless for yourself by calling McDevitt Air at 877-692-9402.

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