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Tips for Improving the Cooling Efficiency of Your Savannah Home

Improving the Cooling Efficiency of Your Savannah Home

Cooling costs during a Savannah summer can add up quickly, even if you have a relatively efficient air conditioner. If you would like to reduce your cooling costs and save energy in the process, try some of these tips for improving cooling efficiency in your Savannah home:

  • Have the air conditioner serviced – At least once a year, have the cooling system inspected by a professional, who will perform routine maintenance. Maintenance issues like dirty evaporator or condenser coils, clogged air filters, improper refrigerant levels and lack of motor lubrication can make your system run inefficiently, resulting in poor cooling, higher monthly bills and premature system wear.
  • Check the air filter – Checking the system’s air filter monthly is one of the easiest steps you can take toward improving cooling efficiency. By cleaning or replacing the filter when it’s dirty, you can also prolong the system’s life span and improve indoor air quality.
  • Use fans to enhance cooling – Ceiling fans can help distribute the system’s cooled air and create air movement that can help you feel cooler at higher temperatures. By raising the thermostat a single degree, you can save up to five percent on cooling costs.
  • Reduce heat gain – Turn off unnecessary lights during the day and use heat-generating appliances, such as stoves, clothes dryers and dishwashers during the cooler hours of the evening. When bathing, cooking or washing clothes, use exhaust fans to eliminate excess humidity. Close curtains, shades or blinds during the day to prevent solar heat gain.
  • Use the A/C wisely – Close all doors and windows when the air conditioner is running. Seal around leaky windows and doors using weatherstripping, caulk or expanding foam. Use fans or a ventilation system during cooler periods and set the thermostat higher when you’re sleeping or away from home.

For more tips about improving cooling efficiency in your Savannah home, contact our HVAC experts at McDevitt Air. We have been serving the Savannah, Pooler and Bluffton areas since 1979.

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