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Are A/C Problems Getting You Hot Under the Collar? Try These 5 Troubleshooting Tips


Air conditioning problems can raise temperatures in your Savannah home, but many A/C glitches may be solved without a service call. If your A/C performance has the hiccups, try these five troubleshooting tips before contacting your trusty HVAC technician.

Intermittent Cooling

Intermittent cooling in the form of quick-cycling or just poor cooling output may have a few causes and solutions:

  • Thermostat anticipator – The thermostat heat anticipator literally anticipates when the home will reach the thermostat’s set point to prevent quick-cycling. However, if the device is set to an uncomfortable temperature before cooling activates, you may be wondering what’s wrong. Remove the housing and look for a switch with a pointed tip. Move it a slot to bring A/C activation closer to the set point.
  • Vents and filter – Airflow blockages creates poor cooling and higher energy bills. Clean the vents and grilles, and check the air filter.
  • A/C sizing – When HVAC equipment is oversized, the A/C can’t reach peak efficiency, nor dehumidify the home. It could be that the blower speed needs adjusting, too. Work with your HVAC pro regarding sizing and airflow calibration.

Coils and Drainage

  • Heat exchange coils – The evaporator and condenser coils extract and release heat, respectively, to cool your home. Check the evaporator coil at the inside air handling unit. Wipe it with a soft cloth if it’s dirty. You may also try a foaming coil cleanser and microbial solution. Spray off the outside unit every few months to remove loose debris from the condenser. Keep vegetation and debris away from the outside unit for clear airflow.
  • Leaky A/C – Air conditioners must remove a substantial amount of condensation that forms on the evaporator coil. If the drain line becomes clogged or the condensate pump stops working, you’ll soon have a water leak in your home. Pour a cup of bleach into the drip pan to kill algae and other microorganisms common in this area. A broken condensate pump is a task for your HVAC technician.

Learn more about McDevitt Air’s cooling solutions, or call us at 877-692-9402 to remedy whatever A/C problems you may be facing in your Savannah home.

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