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Can I Really Save Money With Geothermal?

You’ve heard that a geothermal system will save you money, but when you look at the initial cost, it seems quite large. Even with a significant initial investment, a geothermal system is a long-term way to save on HVAC and energy costs. Several factors, like simpler maintenance and an innovative heat exchange technique, cut your […]

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How to Use Your Programmable Thermostat to Save

You will save money and increase your comfort with a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature of your Savannah, Georgia, home. Set your programmable thermostat to lower the temperature in winter when you’re usually at work or asleep. In summer, set it to raise the temperature in your home instead. You can save with […]

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3 Common Indoor Hazards for Pets

Many hazards for pets in your Bluffton, South Carolina, home are also dangerous for humans, including mold, pests, and lots of cleaners and pesticides. Several foods like coffee and chocolate are poisonous to pets as well. Some of the most common hazards for pets are poor indoor air quality, many types of houseplants, and medications.

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4 Affordable Ways to Increase Humidity in the Home During the Winter

Low household humidity causes several uncomfortable problems ranging from dry skin to rampant static electricity. Though low humidity is a common winter problem in the Richmond Hill, Georgia, area, it’s something you can easily address with a few timely tactics and smart strategies for the season.

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Turn Up the Thermostat or Use a Space Heater?

People who live in cold climates rely on the furnace all winter. In Savannah, Georgia, the question isn’t as clear-cut. Sometimes heating your whole Georgia house is the most energy-efficient option; other times a space heater may do the job. Figure out what heating needs you have to decide which to use, and when.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System?

When you own your own office or shop space, you’ve got a lot to think about. Don’t forget about the HVAC system in your Pooler, Georgia, business. Commercial HVAC problems impact overhead, employee health, and overall office productivity. How do you know whether you need a new office HVAC system?

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Is Geothermal Heating For Me?

You’ve probably had the experience of being unpleasantly surprised by high utility bills, despite your best efforts to cut HVAC costs by limiting the use of your heater. Fortunately, there are other ways to heat your home beside a standard furnace. Geothermal heating, for example, has risen in popularity in recent years. It’s an efficient […]

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What Is the Perfect Humidity Level?

The pesky allergies of summer have finally left Savannah, Georgia. Gone are the clouds of floating pollen and seeds. Mold growth as a result of too much humidity is no longer a problem. With the fall and winter, however, comes dry air that can pose a new threat to allergies and asthma. Maintaining the perfect […]

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How to Catch HVAC Issues Early On

Just as you shouldn’t ignore that abnormal hissing sound in your engine while you drive around Savannah, Georgia, you should never ignore abnormal sounds related to your heating and cooling system. Such sounds may warn of serious issues within the system, and catching them early means that you can quickly resolve the problem and spend […]

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3 Ways to Prep Your Home for Cooler Weather

The oppressive heat of Savannah, Georgia, is finally on its way out, and cool weather will soon come to take its place. While the cool weather will come as a relief, it also calls for a round of preparation to ensure that you can enjoy the same comfort and efficiency you found in your home […]

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