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discomfort from short cycling

You may have heard of air conditioners short cycling, and that it is bad for your system. Discover what short cycling means, and learn why it’s so bad for your Rincon, GA air conditioner. What

heat pump problems

The compressor is a vital part of your Rincon, GA heat pump. Without it, cooling your home and keeping you comfortable is impossible. The performance problems that your heat pump is experiencing may be due

heat pump

Most heat pumps have an average lifespan of about 15 years, with factors like weather and environment and the unit’s size affecting their life expectancy. Like other devices in your home, these HVAC systems can

furnace technician

You need your furnace to operate smoothly during the winter here in Savannah, GA, but if it overheats, it’ll wind up failing you and your family. Signs of an overheating furnace include short cycling, a

furnace tune-up

Originally published Jan. 22, 2019, updated Jan. 21, 2022 During the cooler months in Savannah, Georgia, the temperatures can dip into the 40s, sometimes even colder, creating a need for your home’s heating system. If

enjoying improve indoor air quality

Various air pollutants can get in your indoor air, lowering your comfort. These air pollutants lower the quality of your air and can negatively affect your health. Here are five benefits of improving indoor air

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